Artus Now


I am a "Graphic DJ": I use several layers of photographs to create a new digital image, like DJs who skillfully mix several layers of pre-existing music to create a completely new piece.

Besides, music is essential in my creative process: it continually inspires me while I work. That’s why I chose Carbonmade to make my portfolio: you can listen one of the pieces that inspired me while you discover one of my paintings.

Another essential component of my artistic approach is technology: it not only allows me to create paintings that I could hardly have created by hand, but each digital image created will then be "tokenized", (inserted in the blockchain as NFT), in order to make it tamper-resistant, guarantee its origin and facilitate its online marketing.

However, all this would not matter if it did not allow me to create images with incredibly complex textures, hardly perceptible on a computer or a phone: the magic operates when we look closely at the paintings on a large format, 150 x 100 cm, for example.

Digital art allows a wide range of sizes and supports for each work such as: glass, paper

or a white wall (with an overhead projector).